Consultoria de Recuperação de Empresas

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Consultoria de Gestão e Apoio à Criação de Empresas

We recover and make your company viable

We support SMEs in Portugal in financing operations, in the recovery, restructuring and revitalization of companies, guaranteeing their maintenance and viability.
Our financial analysis methodology and management models are adapted according to the size, situation and sector of activity and intrinsic characteristics of the company.
Our financial advisory services cover companies based throughout the Portuguese territory and in different sectors of activity.

Business Recovery Consulting

• Financial restructuring;
• Negotiation and monitoring in the restructuring of tax debts, Social Security and Finance;
• Financing operations and renegotiation of bank liabilities;
• Economic and financial feasibility study of the company, to adjust the means released to meet the debt obligations.

Company Restructuring / Recovery Plan

Elaboration of the Restructuring Plan:
• Operational restructuring;
• Financial restructuring.

The development of the Business and Financial Restructuring Plan, aims to provide the business strategy in terms of business and financial viability.

Based on the results of the plan, the best solution will be identified, which may involve finding financial instruments to be able to promote the business through financial funding, considering all the support and financing measures currently in force, and / or establishing negotiations with creditors. and restructure the debt, through direct negotiation, RERE or PER.

COVID-19: Business Support Lines

•  Capitalizar Covid-19  Credit Line : € 200 M credit line for treasury support, under the Capitalizar Program (operated by the banking sector) for all sectors of activity.
• Catering and Similar: Credit line for catering and similar companies in the amount of 600 M €.
•  Tourism – Travel Agencies; Animation; Organization of Events and Similars:  200ME, of which 75 ME for Micro and Small companies.
•  Tourism – Enterprises and Accommodation:  900 ME, of which 300 ME for Micro and small companies
•  Industry – Textile, Clothing, Footwear, extractive industries (ornamental rocks) and the wood and cork industry: 1,300 ME, of which 400 ME for Micro and Small Companies.
•  Tourism credit line  € 60 M credit line for micro-enterprises in the tourism sector (operated by Turismo de Portugal).

RERE- Extrajudicial business recovery regime

Financial restructuring under the RERE – extrajudicial business recovery regime. This is an extrajudicial, voluntary and confidential procedure aimed at companies that are in a difficult economic situation.

PER – Special Revitalization Process

Financial restructuring under PER – Special Revitalization Process. PER is an alternative instrument to insolvency that gives companies in a difficult economic situation the possibility of negotiating with their creditors through the courts, with the mediation and intervention of the appointed Provisional Judicial Administrator.

Our experience

The advantages of hiring us for recoveries are:

  • Speed ​​in diagnosing the state of the company.
  • Rapid intervention to maintain the company’s viability.
  • Interim Management.
  • Financial Restructuring.
  • Development and Implementation of a wide range of solutions for the problems that generated crisis.

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