Avaliação de Empresas: Avaliamos o seu Negócio

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Fusões e Aquisições

Business Valuation:

Atlantic Consulting provides company valuation services with high quality, analytical skills, tactical and strategic advice to support entrepreneurs.

We help companies in the permanent competitive challenge to achieve faster responses to the increasingly complex and constantly changing business environment.

In the Valuation of Companies, our activity aims to proceed to the elaboration of the Valuation Report of the Company, for its respective assessment based on its business plan and its economic and financial structure, carrying out an analysis of the company’s surroundings and the future forecast evolution of the activity and business. So that we can determine its value using the Yield Method (DCF), universally accepted and adopting the WACC – Weighted Average Capital Cost methodology, compared with the market value (EBITDA multipliers).

The Company Assessment Report will provide answers to the following questions:

• How much is your business worth?
• What is the maximum amount that can be paid by a company?
• What is the minimum acceptable amount to trade it?
• What is the potential for recovery?
• What is the company’s current economic and financial situation?
• How can you value your business?

In the current situation, it is essential at the level of strategic management to evaluate your company for several reasons:

• Diagnose the company’s situation;
• Determine your current market value;
• Measure the feasibility of selling in the short term and the target market;
• Define the best strategy to adopt in the short and medium term;
• Find solutions to improve the company’s activity and financial situation.

In sales processes, the Evaluation Report will support the presentation of the company and the definition of the strategy and the development of commercial actions with potential stakeholders at national and international level.

Methodology: Company Evaluation Report

The methodology used in the Company’s Valuation processes, follows the general sequence of actions that are associated with the Company’s objectives and the needs to study the business project (valuation potential and study of its viability and profitability) in order to determine the its value, namely:

•  Survey of general data  – With a view to knowing the pre-project and the entire business environment, proceed to collect all the information necessary for the work to be carried out.

•  Diagnosis of companies  – We will carry out the SWOT analysis, based on the systematization of the information collected, to determine the company’s resources, capacities and competences, identifying forms of competitive advantage.

•  Evaluation and quantification of options  – Based on the objectives of the project, and following the diagnosis of the company, we will proceed to systematize the strategy in order to allow a sustained decision on the prospects for the future valuation of the company.

•  Business Plan Feasibility Study  – With the identification of the means and resources necessary for the development option, we will carry out the economic and financial feasibility study of the situation with and without an action plan, evaluating the profitability indicators, quantifying the respective risks, proceeding analysis of the situation taking into account the decision taken.

•  Preparation of an Evaluation Report for delivery to the Customer  – Preparation of the business plan and evaluation dossier quantifying the current value of the company in order to support the development of subsequent and intended actions.

Fusions and Acquisitions

We are specialists in the area of ​​Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • Company Valuation
  • Sale of Companies
  • Acquisition of Companies
  • Merger of Companies
  • Financial Restructuring

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