Aquisição de Empresas: Assegurar o Melhor Investimento

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Fusões e Aquisições

Business Acquisition: The best deal

Often the entrepreneur is faced with questions such as:

What do we want and what can we become?

Is it worth it to enter new segments or increase market share by buying competitors?

How to make such an operation feasible?

In fact, some factors such as management capacity, capital needs and time may be conditioning factors for the growth of the company and its businesses.

In turn, the existing options are conditioned by:

• Globalization of competition;

• Standards of productivity and competitiveness;

• Technological developments;

• Need to obtain economies of scale to compensate for the crushing of business margins;

• Greater sector consolidation and demand for transparency and respect for corporate governance principles.

On the other hand, the speed obtained by the company’s organic growth may not be sufficient to preserve or gain a competitive position in the market.

Thus, mergers, acquisitions or strategic alliances appear as an important mechanism that can be seriously considered.

In consolidating the Company Acquisition strategy, three objectives must be achieved:

1. Generate Shareholder Value;

2. Obtain Market Share;

3. Synergy gains.

Succeed in Business Acquisition

At this point, it is worth remembering the saying. Perception is strong and visible signs are weak.

In strategy, it is important to see distant things as if they are close and things close as if they are distant.

In the search for its best expansion strategy, Atlantic Consulting can make a decisive contribution:

• In preparing the strategy;

• Evaluation;

• Negotiation and future integration of the new business with the current one.

We have extensive experience both in the European, African and American markets in terms of international operations, whether in the purchase of a competitor or in the acquisition of a customer or supplier.

It is not enough just to analyze whether the acquisition value is high or low in absolute terms, but also whether or not a larger amount of the company’s real value will be settled for a given buyer.

There are numerous factors that influence a company’s sales process.

It is common to find entrepreneurs who develop a very big emotional factor with their companies as if they were their own lives. Buyers view the acquisition of a company with great objectivity.

What really matters are the numbers that the company presents, namely its financial performance as well as the economic factors linked to the market in which the company operates.

Success Methodology

We help you find the right company and make the best deal for you.

We ensure all the steps that concern Company Acquisition processes:

  • We identify potential companies with the greatest interest.
  • We help to structure the purchase and sale of the company.
  • We negotiate economic and non-economic conditions.
  • We ensure that you acquire the right company and that you have the conditions to generate value.
  • Atlantic Consulting, belonging to the global IMCN network, ensures prospecting at an international level.
  • You can count on an experienced team of specialists in business buying.

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