ifrru 2020: Apoios para a Reabilitação de Imóveis

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IFRRU 2020: Support for the rehabilitation of buildings

According to the elements required in the scope of the application to IFRRU 2020, Atlantic Consulting will be able to support through the realization of the business plan and financial feasibility study related to the project, financial maps, flow map, financial risk assessment associated with the operation ; profitability and feasibility indicators and sensitivity analysis; and in the financing request.

What support is available at IFRRU 2020?

Through banks adhering to IFRRU 2020 (Santander; Millennium bcp; BPI) you can obtain a loan, under the following conditions:
• Maturity up to 20 years;
• Equivalent grace periods up to a maximum of 4 years;
• Interest rates below those practiced in the market.
You can also accumulate this measure with tax benefits included in the law, according to the location and nature of the intervention, at the level of IMI, IMT and VAT.

Which costs are eligible?

All investment costs related to rehabilitation works and energy efficiency are eligible.

Which territories are covered?

You can apply for financing as long as the properties to be rehabilitated are located in the intervention area defined by the Municipalities, in accordance with the Urban Rehabilitation Area (ARU) and Urban Regeneration Action Plan (PARU).
If it is a property defined as social housing, it must be located in the area defined by the Municipality in the Integrated Action Plan for Disadvantaged Communities (PAICD) or (AU).

IFRRU 2020 application

In order to apply for funding under the IFRRU 2020 program, you must perform the following steps:

  • Request a request for a framing opinion from the city council of the location of the property;
  • Realization of business plan and feasibility study;
  • Obtaining an energy certificate for the property;
  • Financing request from participating banks.

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