Simulated vouchers


Fund your projects with Simplified Coupons!

To support small business projects, vouchers were created to simplify access to incentives.

The Internationalization and Innovation Vouchers aim to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of small and medium-sized companies by supporting the creation of technology-based services and the prospecting of foreign markets. These vouchers aim to help companies acquire know-how and relationships with agents of interest to the company in international markets.

Vale Empreendedorismo aims to support qualified and creative entrepreneurship initiatives.

Vale Indústria 4.0 was created to support companies in investing in digital marketing, helping them to become more competitive in the digital world.

Vale Internationalization

– Beneficiaries: Small and Medium Enterprises that have at least 3 employees and that have not exported for at least 12 months.
– Eligible expenses: consultancy services in the field of market research: market studies, travel, accommodation, rental of spaces and equipment, decoration of promotional spaces and translation services.

Simplified Innovation Coupons

– Beneficiaries: Small and medium-sized companies with at least 3 employees.

– Eligible expenses: innovation consulting services, management consulting, technological assistance, marketing, digital marketing, acquisition, protection and commercialization of intellectual and industrial property rights, licensing agreements, testing and certification standards and services.

Vale Entrepreneurship

– Beneficiaries: Small and medium-sized companies with less than 2 employees

– Eligible expenses: consultancy services in the area of ​​entrepreneurship; preparation of business plan, marketing plan and digital marketing (website, online store, mobile applications, digital catalogs, online advertising).

Vale R&D

– Beneficiaries: Small and medium-sized companies with at least 3 employees.
– Eligible expenses: consultancy services in research and technological development activities, as well as technology transfer services.

Vale Indústria 4.0

Beneficiaries: Small and medium-sized enterprises

Eligible expenses:

Implementation of processes associated with: electronic commerce; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA); Social Media Marketing; Display Advertising; Mobile MarketingWeb Analytics; and implementation of other processes associated with Industry 4.0.

Project and Application

The methodology adopted by Atlantic Consulting to carry out its project and application, comprises different stages:

  • Analysis and framing of the idea or project.
  • Definition of objectives and intended location.
  • Identification and selection of the most suitable financing instruments.
  • Development of the Business Plan and Investment Project and Feasibility Study.
  • Submission and monitoring of the application.
  • Technical assistance for project implementation.
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