Applications to MAR 2020


MAR 2020 until 2020 will increase the budget amount by 50% initially by 508 million.

With hundreds of projects already approved, MAR 2020 intends to continue supporting projects under the European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

MAR 2020 has the following objectives:

• Increase competitiveness through innovation and knowledge;
• Achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability in the fisheries and aquaculture sector;
• Provide for the preservation of the marine and environmental environment and develop the Maritime Policy in an integrated manner;
• Provide for the growth of coastal areas and increase employment;
• Achieve territorial cohesion and improve the skills and qualifications of workers in the fisheries sector.

The priority intervention areas of MAR 202 are:

• Data Collection Program;
• Control and surveillance of fishing activity;
• Fishery and Aquaculture Products;
• Plan for the Outermost Regions;
• Integrated Maritime Policy.

MAR 2020 Budget

By 2020, the total budget for MAR 2020 is expected to be distributed as follows:

• 151 million euros (30%) – To develop fishing activities with environmental sustainability, striving for resource efficiency and innovative and competitive initiatives;
• 79 million euros (16%) – To develop Aquaculture projects with environmental sustainability, striving for resource efficiency and innovative and competitive initiatives;
• 67 million euros (13%) – for the common fisheries policy, promoting the improvement of scientific knowledge, data processing and management, and support for control“;
• 41 million euros (8%) – for job creation and to increase territorial cohesion;
• 132 million euros (26%) – to encourage the marketing and processing of fishery and aquaculture products;
• 7 million euros (1%) – for the development of an integrated maritime policy;
• 30 million euros (6%) – for support to technical assistance.

Project and Application

The methodology adopted by Atlantic Consulting to carry out its project and application, comprises different stages:

  • Analysis and framing of the idea or project.
  • Definition of objectives and intended location.
  • Identification and selection of the most suitable financing instruments.
  • Development of the Business Plan and Investment Project and Feasibility Study.
  • Submission and monitoring of the application.
  • Technical assistance for project implementation.
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