Investment Program in Low Density Territories


The Investment Program in Low Density Territories was launched by Turismo Fundo, and aims to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the acquisition of real estate for the development of tourism activity in interior or low density territories.

Investment projects for the Tourism sector that aim to acquire properties located in territories considered to be of low density are eligible.

The projects should aim not only to enhance the properties through the Tourism sector, but also to promote the development and dynamization of the regions and places involved.

If it is necessary and requested support for the execution of works, it is mandatory to have a request for prior information approved by the respective city council.

For the submission of the application, you must present a Business Plan and Economic and Financial Feasibility Study for the project, with the detailed investment program, respective financial coverage and forecast results with the operating assumptions assumed in the projections, as well as the Memory description of the investment project, with all written and drawn parts.

The respective sources of financing and viability of the investment project must be guaranteed

The project must be environmentally, financially and economically sustainable.

Demonstrate that they are environmentally sustainable, and should provide for efficient management measures.

Conditions of Investment Operations

The maximum transaction value is 3 million euros.

The term of the lease is a maximum of 15 years

The annual rent is stipulated according to EURIBOR for 12 years, plus 1.5% in relation to the acquisition value of the property, or the total value of the operation, in situations where the fund also financed the cost of the works for the requalification of the property. .

The company promoting the project will be able to exercise the purchase option in relation to the property, with a minimum of 3 years of the lease signed.

Depending on the analysis of Turismo Fundo’s and the promoter’s situation, a grace period for the payment of the rent may also be defined.

You can consult more information about the conditions of the Investment Program in Low Density Territories on the website of Turismo Fundo.

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Project and Application

The methodology adopted by Atlantic Consulting to carry out its project and application, comprises different stages:

  • Analysis and framing of the idea or project.
  • Definition of objectives and intended location.
  • Identification and selection of the most suitable financing instruments.
  • Development of the Business Plan and Investment Project and Feasibility Study.
  • Submission and monitoring of the application.
  • Technical assistance for project implementation.
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