Opening of + CO3SO Jobs


Applications for the “+ CO3SO Emprego” program are open until the date of 16/11/2020!

The “+ CO3SO Emprego” program aims to support the following projects:

• Projects to create one’s own job or company by the unemployed;
• Projects for the expansion of small, medium and micro-enterprises or for the creation of new companies, namely in the area of ​​valorization and exploitation of indigenous resources, handicrafts and the green economy.

Under the “+ CO3SO Emprego” program, it is possible to obtain funding for job creation, with the following requirements:

a) Creation of own employment, full time and paid;

b) Creation of jobs for others, through open-ended employment contracts concluded after the application is submitted:

b.1 Creation of jobs for unemployed people registered for at least six months at the
Institute of Employment and Professional Training, IP (IEFP, IP);

b.2 Creation of jobs for unemployed persons registered for at least two months in
IEFP, IP, in the case of a person aged 29 years or less or aged
45 years or more;

b.3 Creation of jobs for unemployed people enrolled in IEFP, IP, regardless of the enrollment time, when it comes to:

i) Unemployment benefit beneficiary;

ii) Beneficiary of social insertion income;

iii) Person with a disability and disability;

iv) Person who is part of a single parent family;

v) Person whose spouse or person with whom they live in a de facto union is also unemployed, registered with the IEFP, IP;

vi) Victim of domestic violence;

vii) Refugee.

+ CO3SO Urban and Interior: Eligible companies

Operations included in all economic activities promoted by micro, small or medium-sized companies are eligible, with the exception of those that include:

a) the fisheries and aquaculture sector;

b) The sector of primary agricultural production and forests;

c) The sector of transformation and commercialization of agricultural products and transformation and commercialization of forest products;

d) Projects to diversify activities on agricultural holdings, under the terms of the Partnership Agreement;

e) Projects that focus on the following activities provided for in the CAE:

i) Financial and insurance – divisions 64 to 66 of section K;

ii) Defense – subclasses 25402, of class 2540, of group 254, of division 25, of section C; subclass
30400, of class 3040, of group 304, of division 30 of section C; subclass 84220, of class 8422,
of group 842, of division 84 of section O;

iii) Lotteries and other betting games – division 92 of section R.

+ CO3SO Employment: Support

The support to be granted under the + CO3SO Emprego Interior is financed by the ESF, taking the form of a non-refundable grant:

a) Full share of the direct costs with the jobs created, including the basic remuneration, plus the contributory expenses of the employer’s responsibility;

b) A fixed rate of 40% on the costs referred to in the preceding paragraph to finance other costs associated with job creation.

The maximum duration of operations is 36 months.

For the basic monthly remunerations, the maximum limits provided for in the following paragraphs are fixed:

a) For the first three jobs created, up to the amount equivalent to 2 times the Social Support Index (IAS) per job, for each month of support;

b) Between the fourth and sixth jobs created, up to an amount equivalent to 1.5 times the IAS per job, for each month of support;

c) From the seventh job created, up to the amount equivalent to 1 time IAS per job, for each month of support.

For more information you can consult the opening notices on the websites of Centro 2020, Norte 2020, Alentejo 2020 and Algarve 2020.

If you need help preparing your application, contact us now. We send our proposal within 24 working hours.

Our people

For the application to the + CO3SO Emprego program we charge the amount of fees under the following payment conditions:

  • 1500 euros + VAT (50% with the conclusion of the contract; 50% with the delivery of the application);
  • (OPTIONAL) In the technical assistance service until the end of the project, we charge 750.00 euros + VAT for each Payment Request, and 750.00 euros + VAT for the Final Project Report.
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